Warrior ウォーリアー Dynasty HD1 Clear シニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティック


こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのDynasty HD1 Clear シニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティックです。

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こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのDynasty HD1 Clear シニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティックです。

Warrior Dynasty HD1 Clear Senior Hockey Stick

The Warrior Dynasty HD1 Pro Hockey Stick HyperDrive Engineered Kick-Zone unleashes your power with an easy flexing mid-kick point that turns out high velocity slap shots and one timers

 ・A unique blend of carbon fibres and toughened epoxy are saturated and thermoset cured creating ultimate shaft strength, feel and response
 ・Strong Arm Taper geometry is wide and resists torque to improve power transfer and accuracy when firing slap shots and one timers
 ・ProTex Grip offers a textured surface coupled with a tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for optimum drive and control



Left 100 flex Granlund W05, Left 100 flex Henrique W03, Left 100 flex Karlsson W16, Left 100 flex Lupul W01, Left 100 flex Pacioretty W71, Left 100 flex Yakupov W28, Left 100 flex Zetterberg W88, Left 75 flex Henrique W03, Left 75 flex Lupul W01, Left 75 flex Yakupov W28, Left 75 flex Zetterberg W88, Left 85 flex Granlund W05, Left 85 flex Henrique W03, Left 85 flex Karlsson W16, Left 85 flex Lupul W01, Left 85 flex Pacioretty W71, Left 85 flex Yakupov W28, Left 85 flex Zetterberg W88, Right 100 flex Granlund W05, Right 100 flex Henrique W03, Right 100 flex Karlsson W16, Right 100 flex Lupul W01, Right 100 flex Pacioretty W71, Right 100 flex Yakupov W28, Right 100 flex Zetterberg W88, Right 75 flex Henrique W03, Right 75 flex Lupul W01, Right 75 flex Yakupov W28, Right 85 flex Granlund W05, Right 85 flex Henrique W03, Right 85 flex Karlsson W16, Right 85 flex Lupul W01, Right 85 flex Yakupov W28