Warrior ウォーリアー Covert QRE SuperLight グリップ有 シニア用 コンポジット ホッケースティック


こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのCovert QRE SuperLight グリップ有 シニア用 コンポジット ホッケースティックです。

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こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのCovert QRE SuperLight グリップ有 シニア用 コンポジット ホッケースティックです。

Warrior Covert QRE SuperLight Grip Senior Hockey Stick

New for the 2018 season Warrior Covert QRE SL Grip Senior Hockey Stick. With its reduced weight and, appearance redesigned, and an adjusted taper, this is Warrior’s most advanced stick to date optimized for a lightning-quick shot release.

The SL in the name stands for Super Light, which is fitting, as this stick weighs in at a very impressive 400 grams. Along with being lighter than its predecessor, the Warrior Covert QRE SL Grip Senior Hockey Stick has changed appearance wise as well. Although the design and graphics are the same as the Covert QREdge, Warrior has gone with a different color palette and now use grey and silver over their blue coloring and use softer orange accents throughout, giving the stick an overall darker, sleeker look.

Moving to the construction of the Covert QRE SL Senior, Warrior went with their True1 Phantom design. This means that the entire shaft is a true one-piece build! This is paired with their Minimus 1200 Carbon Fiber on the interior, which provides a reduction in weight, but also makes the Covert QRE SL Stick that much more durable. And, for this stick, Warrior has re-layered these carbon fiber materials, shaving off 16 grams compared to the QREdge. These two features together provide players with a stick that is lighter, more durable, and more responsive than ever before.

Warrior went with a texturized grip for their new Covert QRE SL Senior. They paired this with their straight side walls with rounded corners. The Covert line of sticks from Warrior is designed to have one of the quickest, if not THE quickest, releases on the market. The Covert QRE SL Stick is no different. This is thanks to Warrior’s new redesigned 3D Edge Taper. This taper drives flex energy through the hosel providing lightning quick releases on your shots all while remaining deadly accurate.

The redesigned taper of the Covert QRE SL Senior Hockey Stick goes hand in hand with the SoftCore X Foam Core constructed blade. This material is 20% lighter and more responsive than its predecessor. They also use their Twin-Spar Blade Structure which is the use of two carbon fiber support structures to reinforce the blade, increasing longevity and durability.

The Covert QRE SL Senior features Warrior’s popular low kick-point. This stick is optimized for players who take quick wrist shots right around the hashmarks.

Thanks to the restructured carbon fiber layout and the redesigned taper, the Covert QRE SL Senior is Warrior’s most advanced stick to date. If you are a player looking for a stick with the quickest release possible, in an extremely lightweight package, look no further than the Warrior Covert QRE SL Grip Senior Hockey Stick!



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