Warrior ウォーリアー Covert PX+ ホッケーヘルメット


こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのCovert PX+ ホッケーヘルメットです。

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こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのCovert PX+ ホッケーヘルメットです。

Warrior Covert PX+ Hockey Helmet

The Warrior Covert line of helmets debuts with the PX+ helmet, bringing with it many of the technologies and features seen in its predecessor, the Krown PX3. Warrior built this helmet to give players the best in class protection with the usage of premium multi-layered impact absorption foams.

These foams include a thicker VN type of comfort foam popular among pro players for its soft padding. Underneath that, this helmet is lined with a black EPP foam liner; this is a light weight foam made to manage multiple impacts. A great feature of the EPP foam is that it will visibly crack when the helmet has sustained a very hard and substantial impact, once this happens, the player knows it’s time to get a new helmet that offers maximum protection, no need to guess on the lifespan of a helmet.

If you are a fan of the PX3 helmet, the PX+ is a perfect upgrade offering a similar fit and protection, the main difference between the two is going to come in the increased thickness of the VN foam lining the inside of the helmet, the other is the overall shell design as well. Warrior kept the same streamlined shape but removed the 4-Play dial and multi-piece shell design. Instead this shell is just a simple 2-piece design that uses clips on both sides of the helmet above the ear pieces for a tool-less adjustability.

Lastly, the shell is made with high density PE for lightweight and professional protection. To manage temperature, the shell features large vents on the front, sides and back of the helmet to help keep the player cool down during play. And let’s put those worries to rest, the PX+ EASILY passes the mirror test!

If you are in the market for a new bucket, we recommend checking out the Warrior Covert PX+ today!
 ・Designed for best in class protection – the liner is a blend of premium multi-layered impact absorption protection foams
 ・Two unique layers of strategically selected foam offer impact protection against all types of contact from high to low forces
 ・A newly developed shell focused on fit, lightweight comfort and easy tooless adjustment

・Player Profile
  A helmet designed to offer up impact protection against all types of contact from high to low forces
  New shell design focused on fit, and lightweight
  Premium multi-layered impact absorption foams
・Comfort Padding
  Two unique layers of strategically selected foam
・Size Adjustability
  Toolless adjustment
・Ear Pieces
  Clear surlyn ear covers
・J-Clip Attachment
  J-Clips not included



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