Warrior ウォーリアー Alpha DX4 シニア用 ホッケー グローブ


こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのAlpha DX4 シニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

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こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのAlpha DX4 シニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

Warrior Alpha DX4 Senior Hockey Gloves

Brand new for the 2019 season are the Warrior Alpha DX4 Senior Hockey Gloves! Featuring Warrior Hockey’s newest features and technology, these gloves aim to be their most comfortable and protective glove to date.

For this iteration, Warrior has come up with the clever catchphrase known as Dynamic Strike. The thought process behind this was to give the Alpha DX4 Gloves the perfect balance of old-school traditional looks but have a new-school anatomical fit and feel! This close-to-the-hand feel provides improved puck control thanks to better grip of the stick, as well as advanced hand protection!

This fit goes by the name of the Hybrid Taper Fit. Although this glove appears as a 4-Roll glove, this fit allows the glove to contour to the natural shape of your hand, maximizing mobility and improving protection!

The Warrior Alpha DX4 Gloves are packed premium foams combined with hard plastic inserts that provide a good amount of protection against direct impacts like pucks and stick checks.

The palms of the Warrior Alpha DX4 Gloves are constructed out of a Clarino material. This palm provides a good balance of feel and control.

Moving to the interior, the Warrior Alpha DX4 Gloves use a Strike yellow liner that helps keep your hands dry and clean as well as odor-free!

If you are a player wanting a traditional looking set of gloves but want the fit and feel of a new-school glove, look no further than the Warrior Alpha DX4 Senior Hockey Gloves!



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