Warrior ウォーリアー Ritual V1 Pro+ シニア用 ゴーリースティック ホッケースティック


こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのRitual V1 Pro+ シニア用 ゴーリースティック ホッケースティックです。

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こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのRitual V1 Pro+ シニア用 ゴーリースティック ホッケースティックです。

Ritual V1 Pro+ Senior Goalie Stick

Brand new for 2019, Warrior Goalie is proud to introduce the newest iteration of the Ritual line of composite goalie sticks. With the ever-growing popularity amongst professional and recreational goaltenders, the Warrior Ritual V1 Pro+ Senior Goalie Stick has specific characteristics built for performance and durability. Starting with the materials, the Warrior Ritual V1 Pro+ Senior Goalie Stick is composed of extremely lightweight Minimus Carbon 1200 which is the highest strength and most responsive flat carbon-composite weave design that will withstand the impact of high velocity shots. Also, this will provide the longest lasting durability keeping the stick feeling fresh over long amounts of time and high usage. Combining 3 key designs, the Warrior Ritual V1 Pro+ has HiFused construction within the paddle to give rigidity and flex when it is needed. Right in the shoulder of the stick, Warrior has infused VibexLite which is a vibration reduction technology which reduces the sting that can sometimes happen on composite sticks. Next, HiFused construction also moves the flex zone up the stick to aid goalies in specific shooting techniques for a more natural feel in passing the puck to teammates or making zone clearing passes. On top of these technologies, Warrior has continued using their Slide Grip technology aimed for the goaltenders’ style of play. The Ritual V1 Pro+ stick is outfitted with a clear matte coating combined with a vertically ribbed texture along the entire shaft of the stick providing the fasted sliding finish. On the handle of the stick, the Slide Grip technology has strategically placed gloss grip and raised grid textures to provide grip where you need it without restricting the ease of transitioning in to a poke check or playing the puck. If you are an elite-level goalie who wants an extremely lightweight and durable composite stick that caters to both shooting and stopping pucks, the Warrior Ritual V1 Pro+ Senior Goalie Stick is for you.

=== SPEC ===
Style : Composite
Model Family : Ritual
Stick Blade :
Brand : Warrior



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