Warrior ウォーリアー Ritual CR2 シニア用 ゴーリースティック ホッケースティック


こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのRitual CR2 シニア用 ゴーリースティック ホッケースティックです。

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こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのRitual CR2 シニア用 ゴーリースティック ホッケースティックです。

Ritual CR2 Senior Goalie Stick

Warrior has been a staple in the player stick industry and now continues their push in goalie sticks with the brand new Warrior Ritual CR2 composite goalie stick. The Warrior Ritual CR2 features a mixture of 3 different technologies all aimed to bring one of the best balanced and durable composite sticks on the market. The CR2 has HiFused construction within the paddle to give rigidity and flex when it is needed. Right in the shoulder of the stick, Warrior has infused VibexLite which is a vibration reduction technology which reduces the sting that can sometimes happen on composite sticks. The HiFused construction also moves the flex zone up the stick giving and caters to a goalies specific shooting technique which allows for a more natural feel for shooting and passing. On top of these technologies, Warrior has proudly introduced Slide Grip technology which is truly aimed for the goaltender’s style of play. The CR2 has strategically placed gloss gripped ribs on the shoulder for the goalie to strongly grip the stick and a clear matte coating on the shaft for smooth movements but provide enough grip for the hand to stay on the stick. This Slide Grip feeling creates seamless transitions when the goalie is making all passes but giving the best puck control when taking pucks off of the blade. If you are an intermediate level goalie who wants to combine great feel and durability in a composite stick that caters to both shooting and stopping pucks, the Warrior Ritual CR2 is for you.

=== SPEC ===
Style : Composite
Model Family : Ritual
Stick Blade :
Brand : Warrior



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