Warrior ウォーリアー Ritual X2 ジュニア用 ゴーリーパンツ


こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのRitual X2 ジュニア用 ゴーリーパンツです。

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こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのRitual X2 ジュニア用 ゴーリーパンツです。

Ritual X2 Junior Goalie Pants

Brand new for 2019, the Warrior Ritual X2 Junior Goalie Pants takes the innovation and technology of the Warrior Ritual X Goalie Pants line and adapts them to further improve this model that caters toward the modern style of goaltending. Looking in to the core of the pants, the Warrior Ritual X2 is designed around Warrior’s FlexPlate system, which was introduced in the previous Ritual X pants model and increases the flexibility, mobility, and protection in comparison to a traditional pant design. The thigh protection has been maximized for the Ritual X2 Junior and is composed of ultra-high density foam that ensures no gaps in protection throughout game play. Moving on to the AxyCut technology that is returning from the previous Ritual X Goalie Pants model. The AxyCut feature eliminates interference between the pants and leg pads when transitioning in and out of the butterfly. Finally, looking on the inside, The Warrior X2 Junior Goalie Pants take advantage of an internal belt system that was also used in the Ritual X model. The internal belt system is different from a traditional belt because it uses a dual slick-clip design which allows for even tension on either side of the belt, with easy access straps for quick adjustments. The internal belt provides a snug, comfortable, easy-to-adjust fit while allowing the external pant to fit looser. Ultimately this design increases comfort and mobility of the pant. The Internal belt is easily removable. If you are an Intermediate-Level goaltender looking for a lightweight, mobile, and protective pant, the Warrior Ritual X2 Junior Goalie Pants are the pants for you.

=== SPEC ===
Model Family : Ritual
Brand : Warrior



Large/X-Large Black, Small/Medium Black