Warrior ウォーリアー Ritual G5 ユース用 ゴーリー レッグパッド レガース


こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのRitual G5 ユース用 ゴーリー レッグパッド レガースです。

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こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのRitual G5 ユース用 ゴーリー レッグパッド レガースです。

Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads

Brand new for 2020, Warrior Goalie has unleashed their fifth iteration of the Ritual line. Building off of the successful previous G3 and G4 pads, the G5 is an all new beast that we think every goalie should check out. The Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads are incredibly light and specifically designed for the goaltender to get the most out of their equipment. Starting on to the outer roll design of the Warrior G5 Youth Leg Pads, the entire outer roll is redesigned specifically for today’s younger goaltender to provide great stopping power. Next is a specifically designed leg channel to provide a snug fit to the younger goaltender. This leg channel is encased with a large calf strap to lock the goalies leg in place while keeping it easy for young goalies, or patents to be able to help put the pads on. Around the knee, Warrior has kept a single sling wrap that acts as a normal knee strap but has more stretch so it can fit around any goalies leg. Finally, down at the boot, the Active response toe strap has been lengthened due to customer feedback so you can get more play off of this strap when the pads are brand-new which helps relieve stress on the goaltenders hips and knees. Warrior Ritual G5 Youth pads are 8 inches in width for all sizes and come with thigh wraps to help protect the goalies knee and thigh. If you are an entry-level goaltender looking for a pad that is super lightweight, easy to put on and provide great mobility and stopping power, look no further than the Warrior Ritual G5 Youth Goalie Leg Pads.

=== SPEC ===
Face Type : Flat Face
Model Family : Ritual
Brand : Warrior



19+.5インチ White, 19+.5インチ White/Black, 19+.5インチ White/Black/Neon Green, 21+.5インチ Black, 21+.5インチ White, 21+.5インチ White/Black, 21+.5インチ White/Black/Neon Green, 21+.5インチ White/Red, 21+.5インチ White/Royal, 23+.5インチ White, 23+.5インチ White/Black, 23+.5インチ White/Black/Neon Green, 23+.5インチ White/Royal