Warrior ウォーリアー Ritual G4 Pro シニア用 ゴーリー ブロッカー


こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのRitual G4 Pro シニア用 ゴーリー ブロッカーです。

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こちらの商品はWarrior ウォーリアーのRitual G4 Pro シニア用 ゴーリー ブロッカーです。

Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Senior Goalie Blocker

Brand new for 2018, Warrior Sports has unveiled their fourth iteration of the Ritual line dating all the way back to the Ritual G1 which debuted in 2012. Building off of the massive success of the G3, the G4 is built to bring ultimate performance, function and durability all while being the lightest gear on the market. Starting internally, the G4 Pro features a full HD foam board with HyperComp reinforcements throughout the blocker face. The G4 Pro has a crisp look due to the full clean construction build. This design features less sewing lines in the construction process which helps add increase durability and longevity. The blocker is built close to a GT base with a shortened replacement cuff on the inside edge and the larger index finger protection/sidewall. Adding in even more index finger protection, there is now a removable padded rail that helps sit comfortably on the stick and helps prevent the index finger being jammed from any pucks that might ride up the stick. This piece can be adjusted and moved up, down, side or completely taken off based on the goalies preference. Continuing with the design of the previous lines, the G4 still includes a fully removable palm and liner which can be adjusted up or down depending on the goalies preference. This adjustment gives the goalie the ability to dial in a perfect fit for their style of blocker. Also, it gives the goalie the ability to remove their liners so they can be air dried, washed or replaced throughout the life of the blocker. In comparison to the Warrior Ritual G4 Senior blocker, the G4 Pro will feature upgraded internal foams including HyperComp.

If you are a goalie who is looking for the lightest blocker on the market, coupled with better wrist movement and index finger protection, the Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Senior is the blocker for you.



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