Vaughn ヴォーン Velocity V9 インターメディエイト用 & Arm ゴーリー チェストパッド


こちらの商品はVaughn ヴォーンのVelocity V9 インターメディエイト用 & Arm ゴーリー チェストパッドです。



こちらの商品はVaughn ヴォーンのVelocity V9 インターメディエイト用 & Arm ゴーリー チェストパッドです。

Velocity V9 Intermediate Goalie Chest & Arm Protector

All new for 2020, Vaughn Custom Sports has unleashed their latest iteration in one of the most trusted lines in all of goaltending. The Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Chest & Arm Protector improves upon an already trusted and top-level tested piece of equipment to further enhance the goaltenders experience on the ice. Starting off with the main chest portion of the V9 Intermediate, HD Carbon foams are used in chest for lightweight design and increased protection. Next, an all-new design expands the overall coverage area of this chest protect with the addition of large style shoulder floaters for maximum coverage. Furthermore, the shoulder floaters segmented for mobility and lined with HD foam for added protection. Along the top of the shoulder large shoulder cap cushions that provide increased impact resistance. Further on the chest is an extended rib cage coverage for extra protection. Additionally, a new chest pad vertical adjustment system and new style chest pad straps will help the goaltender dial in the exact fit and feel the goaltender wants to achieve in their chest protector. Throughout the entire lower chest design, you will see HD foams used to be lightweight and increase overall protection in all major impact areas. Next on the arm portion of the Vaughn Velocity V9, a mesh arm base will add ventilation and flexibility for the goaltender’s comfort. The arms of the V9 will be equipped with new style flat front surface arm caps which will provide an increased coverage area. Additionally, the arm floaters will feature deeper side profile which will also add more coverage area and are lined with HD foam and Carbon inserts for added protection. Flipping around the arms, molded Zote foam and HD foam elbow caps are used to comfortably cradle the goalie’s arm while keeping them protected. As for the fit, you will find adjustable arm length and positioning that will help the goaltender find a precise custom fit. Lower down, wrist straps taper the forearms to the wrist of the goalie so that they can feel the most in control of their gear. Finally, on the back of the V9 Intermediate, you will see a large back pad with HD foam directly over the spine for both comfort and protection. You will also see the adjustment points of the straps which run horizontally to the side of the chest protector and will be used for finding the correct waist and chest fit. The Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Chest Protector will feature the same specs as the Pro unit but are scaled down to Intermediate sizing. If you are an elite-level goaltender who is looking for the next step in an already trusted chest protector with high levels of protection, built for mobility and comfort, look no further than the Vaughn Velocity V9 Intermediate Chest & Arm Protector.

=== SPEC ===
Model Family : Velocity
Brand : Vaughn



M Black, L Black, XL Black, 2XL Black