True トゥルー XC9 Pro シニア用 ホッケー グローブ


こちらの商品はTrue トゥルーのXC9 Pro シニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

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こちらの商品はTrue トゥルーのXC9 Pro シニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

True XC9 Pro Senior Hockey Gloves

New for the 2018 season are True’s XC9 Pro Senior Hockey Gloves. These gloves feature a snug, anatomical fit against a player’s hand providing ultimate control of the stick. And thanks to the True XC9 Hockey Gloves’ flexible cuff, players will also be able to maintain full mobility of the wrist while stickhandling, passing, and shooting.

The exterior of the shell is constructed with 24mm Pro grade EPP foam with 1mm PE inserts, which provide more protection against stick checks than any other glove on the market. This is paired with True’s TRUEFLEXX+ hinge flex thumb, providing further protection against stick checks, as well as hyperextension.

The True XC9 Pro Senior Hockey Gloves feature True’s patented ZPalm Technology which allows players to easily interchange the glove of the palm based on their preference. On the interior, True used their Microban microfiber liner that adds extra comfort, but also helps protect against odor-causing bacteria.

If you are looking for a glove that offers top of the line protection and comfort, as well as greatly beneficial customization options, look no further than True’s XC9 Pro Senior Hockey Gloves!



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