True トゥルー A6.0 Pro ZPalm ジュニア用 ホッケー グローブ


こちらの商品はTrue トゥルーのA6.0 Pro ZPalm ジュニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

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こちらの商品はTrue トゥルーのA6.0 Pro ZPalm ジュニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

True A6.0 Pro ZPalm Junior Hockey Gloves

The classic 4 roll model remains the most popular glove style on the market today. The relaxed fit provides optimized mobility and full range of motion while keeping the hand of the player fully protected against impact from puck and the opponent’s stick. The A6.0 SBP features the patented Zpalm system allowing the player to effortlessly interchange the palms to any of the four additional performance options instantly transforming the glove and optimizing them for the individual players game and needs. PRO Grade EPP foams in 24mm thickness combined with 1mm PE insert provide the most advanced build in protection of any glove on the market today while maintaining an ultra-lightweight construction.

古典的な4ロールモデルは、今日市場で最も人気のある手袋のスタイルのままです。 リラックスフィットは、モーションとフルレンジの動きを最適化しながら、パックと相手のスティックからの衝撃からプレーヤーの手を完全に保護します。 A6.0 SBPは特許取得済みのZpalmシステムを採用しており、手のひらを手軽に4つの追加のパフォーマンスオプションのどれにでも簡単に交換することができ、瞬時にグローブを変え、個々のプレーヤーのゲームやニーズに合わせて最適化します。 1mm PEインサートと組み合わせた24mm厚のPROグレードEPPフォームは、超軽量構造を維持しながら、今日のあらゆる手袋の保護において最先端の構造を提供します。


 ・ZPalm interchangeable palm technology allows players to effortlessly change the glove’s palm with any of True Hockey’s four additional palm options within seconds, instantly transforming the glove to the individual player’s game and needs
 ・Classic 4 roll provides a relaxed fit and optimized mobility and range of motion
 ・TRUEFLEXX lock thumb allows for optimal range of motion for the players thumb while maintaining fully protected against contact or hyper extension
 ・24mm PRO grade EPP foam with 1mm PE inserts provides more protection on contact than any glove on the market today
 ・Exterior shell in ultra-light weight nylon material for breathability and flexibility

・Player Profile
  For the player looking for an innovative/customizable glove with pro grade protection, unmatched mobility and range of motion in a classic fitting glove
・Fit Profile
  Classic Fit
  Flexible flared cuff
・Cuff Roll
  Straight cuff, 24mm pro grade EPP foam with fully embroided logo
・Back Roll
  4-Roll design with 24mm pro grade EPP foam and 1mm PE inserts
  Triple segmented index, middle, and ring fingers, double segmented pinky, 24mm pro grade EPP foam and 1mm PE inserts
  Zpalm system – standard 1mm Ax Suede palm with Pro Grade Clarino overlay
  Polyester guessets
  TRUEFLEXX lock thumb
  Mesh nylon liner treated with Microban
・Exterior Shell
  Ultra-lightweight pro nylon
・Weight (gm)
  約 352 grams



12インチ Black, 12インチ Black/Red, 12インチ Navy