TOUR ツアー Code 1 シニア用 インラインホッケー ガードル


こちらの商品はTOUR ツアーのCode 1 シニア用 インラインホッケー ガードルです。

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こちらの商品はTOUR ツアーのCode 1 シニア用 インラインホッケー ガードルです。

Tour Code 1 Senior Roller Hockey Girdle

The Tour Code 1 Senior Hip Pads are constructed of a lightweight Arlaprene-molded foam padding that provides players with great protection but are still flexible and mobile! Extruded closed-cell foam technology was used in the construction of the padding providing maximum impact distribution.

This padding is encapsulated by Kinetic compression fabric that moves with the contour of the body, providing ultimate comfort and lightweight protection.

Included on the inside of the Tour Code 1 hip pads is a dual-mesh retention cup system with an integrated polycarbonate cup which provides maximum protection without effecting performance!

If you are looking for a protective, breathable, and lightweight base layer, look no further than the Tour Code 1 Senior Hip Pads!



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