TOUR ツアー Code 1 シニア用 ホッケー グローブ


こちらの商品はTOUR ツアーのCode 1 シニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

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こちらの商品はTOUR ツアーのCode 1 シニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

Tour Code 1 Senior Hockey Gloves

New for the 2019 season are the Tour Code 1 Roller Hockey Gloves! These gloves are designed withmaximum mobility in mind. To achieve this, Tour utilized their Fusion-Fit Construction process. This process combines the dexterity and lightweight feel of a lacrosse glove and combines it with the performance and fit of a standard hockey glove! Thanks to this process, the Tour Code 1 Roller Hockey Gloves are flexible and mobile, but highly-protective as well!

Further along those lines, the Tour Code 1 Roller Hockey Gloves feature a newly designed ContourMax design! Much like the shape of lacrosse gloves, these gloves follow the natural hand motions providing superior comfort, movement, and responsiveness.

Within the thumb and palm areas, Tour incorporated what is known as their Flowcool vents. This technology provides unmatched heat dispersion keeping players’ hands cool and dry for maximum comfort and feel. Paired with these vents is an antimicrobial liner that wicks moisture away further prevention excess moisture within the glove. On top of that the Tour Code 1 Roller Hockey Gloves use Dual-Density foam throughout the entirety of the glove, providing players with elite protection in all key areas. Additionally, these gloves have an articulated stretch thumb that provides improved flexibility and rotation during shooting and passing.

If you are an elite-level player looking for a pair of gloves that have the mobility of lacrosse gloves, but the protection of hockey gloves, check out the Tour Code 1 Roller Hockey Gloves!



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