Tackla タックラ Breezer シニア用 アイスホッケー ガードル


こちらの商品はTackla タックラのBreezer シニア用 アイスホッケー ガードルです。

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こちらの商品はTackla タックラのBreezer シニア用 アイスホッケー ガードルです。

Tackla Breezer Senior Ice Hockey Girdle

Breezers are Tackla’s new design for professional hockey pants. Breezers are light, tough and cool to wear. Lightness improves forward push force and improves performance. With increased maneuverability and flexibility with elastic materials, Breezers also improve game by easing demanding game poses.

Patented floaters provide excellent protection zones, but still allow free movement speeding up the game. Breezers improve your game on many levels: speed, maneuvers, energy and endurance, dryness and protection.



S Black, M Black, L Black, XL Black