STX エスティーエックス Surgeon RX2 Grip シニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティック


こちらの商品はSTX エスティーエックスのSurgeon RX2 Grip シニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティックです。

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こちらの商品はSTX エスティーエックスのSurgeon RX2 Grip シニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティックです。

STX Surgeon RX2 Grip Senior Hockey Stick

Puregrip(TM) The more contact area on a stick, the greater the control. The totally redesigned PuregripTM profile utilizes an innovative, ergonomic shape on the underside of the shaft to provide increased surface area, maximize hand contact points and increase control over the stick. Pureblade(TM) – Featuring Quad Core(TM) Blade – X Stiff An all-new blade design combines multiple carbon fiber weaves for the ultimate in weight saving and performance, resulting in a better balanced, more responsive blade. Precision Flex(TM) Profile The lower section of the stick has a narrowed flex peak to enhance quick, responsive play. The stiffness in the upper portion of the shaft maximizes load capacity when it is needed. Ultra High Balance Point Amplifies the feel and playability of the stick.

 ・Flex Profile Precision Flex-Dual Kick Points
 ・Shaft Construction 3K Carbon Fiber with Nano-Enhanced Resin with Spear Construction
 ・Shaft Geometry Puregrip(TM)
 ・Shaft Coating Matte Grip with Raised Texture
 ・Shaft Taper Dual Flex
 ・Blade Core Quad Core(TM)
 ・Blade Wrap Pureblade with Precision Stiffness
 ・Blade Coating Matte
 ・Weight (SR Stick) 425 Grams
 ・Actual Length (in) 60″



Left 100 flex X9