Sher-Wood シャーウッド True Touch T120 グリップ有 シニア用 コンポジット ホッケースティック


こちらの商品はSher-Wood シャーウッドのTrue Touch T120 グリップ有 シニア用 コンポジット ホッケースティックです。

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こちらの商品はSher-Wood シャーウッドのTrue Touch T120 グリップ有 シニア用 コンポジット ホッケースティックです。

Sher-Wood True Touch T120 Grip Senior Hockey Stick

The Winnipeg Jets’ upcoming superstar, Jacob Trouba, is the the ambassador of the T120 campaign. Solid, fast and reactive, Jacob represents the heart and soul of the True Touch Line.

The T120 is all about strength and power. Its flexing profile offers more give in the middle of the shaft allowing for more energy and more velocity to be transferred into your shots. Incredibly light weight and perfectly balanced, the T120 weighs only 395 grams and is one of the lightest and most responsive sticks on the market. This stick features our EKORE Technology which is a highly sophisticated manufacturing process where the stick is entirely handcrafted. Also featuring our new VRF.2 Technology foam blade which prevent premature disintegration, this results in increased durability, more powerful shots and a greater, more tangible feel of the puck.

 ・Built with light weight and optimal balance
 ・Constructed with the handcrafted EKORE Technology
 ・Blade is designed with VRF.2 Technology foam to prevent decay and enhance durability
 ・Weights: 395 grams



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