Reebok リーボック 11K ホッケー ヘルメット


こちらの商品はReebok リーボックの11K ホッケー ヘルメットです。

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こちらの商品はReebok リーボックの11K ホッケー ヘルメットです。

Reebok 11K Hockey Helmet

The new 11K helmet is designed with overall safety as a top priority. Five specific criteria were looked at with the design team as guidelines to a holistic approach in designing our best helmet ever. First, the helmet absorbs the scary high impact hits as well as it does with the more frequent, less intense hits that can be just as damaging over time. Fit is just as important as impact, the new 11K adjusts 360° to your uniquely shaped head and will not pop off when locked in place. And finally, the 11K is Reebok’s lightest helmet without sacrificing fit or impact absorption.

新しい11Kヘルメットは、安全性を最優先に設計されています。 最高のヘルメットを設計する際の総合的なアプローチのガイドラインとして、5つの具体的な基準がデザインチームで検討されました。 最初に、ヘルメットは激しい衝撃のヒットを吸収するだけでなく、より頻繁に起こるヒットを少なくし、時間の経過とともに損傷することもあります。 フィット感はインパクトと同じくらい重要ですが、新しい11Kはユニークな形状のヘッドに対して360°を調整し、所定の位置にロックされると飛び出すことはありません。 最後に、フィット感や衝撃吸収を犠牲にすることなく、リーボックの最も軽いヘルメットです。

11K Helmet Features:
 ・5-POINT SAFETY SYSTEM – The 5-Point Safety System is our pledge to safety as our priority. Reebok has identified 5 features that make a helmet safe to which they have designed and built their product accordingly
 ・FLOATING LINER – The EPP flexible liners oscillate to contour to the unique shape of your head while the Comfort Cushions provide a superb, soft and snug fit
 ・MICRODIALT II – When fully adjusted, the Microdial II helps pull the helmet into a safe position on your head while alleviating pressure points and locking it snugly in placeFeatures:
 ・NEW REEBOK SHELL – Next generation aerodynamic shell with ventilation designed for a low-profile fit
 ・EPP FLOATING LINER – EPP Flexible liner with comfort cushions contours to the unique shape of your head
 ・MICRODIAL II – Permits 360 degree wrap and vertical adjustment to alleviate pressure points and hold helmet firmly in place
 ・SUBSHELLS – Using carbon fiber technology that revolutionized the stick market, Reebok designed a lightweight helmet without sacrificing protection
 ・FIT CLIPS – Permits easy tool-less length adjustment

・Player Profile
  For the Elite player whose main focus is head safety, the 11K focuses on fit in addition to providing protection from both low-energy impacts to high-energy collisions
  Two-piece HDPE (High-density polyethylene) with colored carbon fiber subshell
  Flex Liner – Flexible Floating Liner System Composed of Several High Grade EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) Liners
・Comfort Padding
  Slow Memory Comfort Foam and Gel Padded Occipital Microdial II
・Size Adjustability
  Tool-Free Fit Clips (Side Placement) plus 360° wrap Microdial II System
・Ear Pieces
  Clear SURLYN(TM) with Low Density Foam Strip
・J-Clip Attachment
  Traditional Dual Screw
・Weight (gm)
  約 496 grams
・Actual width (in)
・Actual width (cm)



S Black/Sunflower, S Maroon/Silver, S Navy/Silver