Reebok リーボック Premier X28 インターメディエイト用 ゴーリー ブロッカー


こちらの商品はReebok リーボックのPremier X28 インターメディエイト用 ゴーリー ブロッカーです。

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こちらの商品はReebok リーボックのPremier X28 インターメディエイト用 ゴーリー ブロッカーです。

Reebok Premier X28 Intermediate Goalie Blocker

The new Reebok X28 Senior goal blocker is a continuation of the legendary Reebok Premier series line. Every single pattern and piece in a blocker makes the difference when blocking a shot, ultimately determining how the blocker will perform during game play

The X28 blocker maintains a classic Lefevre feel with the addition of a bindingless blocking face, offering maximum coverage while still maintaining maximum protection and durability. The blocker board is a features a high-quality construction, with a 0.8mm poly plastic paired with 1′ Polyethylene and 1/4′ high density foam.

The palm of the blocker utilizes Lefevre’s exclusive UltimaDry material, offering superior resistance to wear and extra stick grip for handling the puck. This unique palm paired with 1/4′ high density foam finger protection results in top-notch protection from any angle. An additional HD foam index finger flap ensures pucks won’t ride up the stick into the hand.

Compared to the X24 Sr. blocker, the X28 will feature higher quality construction, with higher grade materials in both the outer stitched microfiber and inner foams.

For the competitive mid-level goalie looking for a Lefevre designed blocker offering unmatched balance and protection, there is no better choice than the Reebok X28.

・Player Profile
  Designed for the goalie looking for maximum net coverage and mobility with a traditional Lefevre feel.
・Front Face (Material)
  1.3 mm microfiber
  Stitched microfiber
  400 D
・Palm Material
  Grey Nash synthetic leather
・Bindingless Front Face?
・Bindingless Sidewall?
・Blocker Insert
  0.8 mm poly (plastic), 1″ PE (Polyethylene) foam and 1/4″ HD (high-density) foam
・First Finger Protector Construction
  1/4″ HD (high-density) foam
・Finger Protection
  HD Foam
・Sidewall Construction
  HD Foam
・Cuff Construction
  Medium Density Foam
・Cuff Style
・Dimensions: Length x Width (Inches)
  14″ x 7.5″
・Weight in grams (INT)
・Weight in ounces (INT)
  90 days

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X28 Sr.ブロッカーと比較して、X28は外側ステッチマイクロファイバーと内側フォームの両方に高級材を使用したより高品質な構造を採用しています。

比類のないバランスと保護を提供するLefevreのデザインブロッカーを探している競争力のある中間レベルのゴールキーパーにはReebok X28よりも良い選択肢はありません。


1.3 mmマイクロファイバー
400 D
0.8 mmポリ(プラスチック)、1 “PE(ポリエチレン)フォームと1/4” HD(高密度)フォーム
/ 1/4インチHD(高密度)フォーム
14インチx 7.5インチ






Full Right New York Rangers 2 (White/Royal/Red) (M1), Full Right Toronto 3 (White/Royal) (M1), Full Right Winnipeg (White/Navy/Silver) (M1), Regular Buffalo (White/Navy/Sport Gold) (M1), Regular Chicago (White/Black/Red) (M1), Regular Dallas 2 (White/Black/Green) (M1), Regular Detroit 2 (White/Red) (M1), Regular Edmonton (White/Royal/Orange) (M1), Regular Los Angeles (White/Black/Silver) (M1), Regular New York Rangers 2 (White/Royal/Red) (M1), Regular Philadelphia (White/Black/Orange) (M1), Regular Phoenix (White/Phoenix Red) (M1), Regular Toronto 3 (White/Royal) (M1), Regular Vancouver (White/Royal/Green) (M1), Regular White (M1), Regular Winnipeg (White/Navy/Silver) (M1)