Mission ミッション Inhaler DS:4 ジュニア用 インラインホッケー パンツ


こちらの商品はMission ミッションのInhaler DS:4 ジュニア用 インラインホッケー パンツです。

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こちらの商品はMission ミッションのInhaler DS:4 ジュニア用 インラインホッケー パンツです。

Mission Inhaler DS:4 Junior Roller Hockey Pants

The Inhaler DS4 Roller Pant holds your hip pads and shinnies without becoming in the way. The DS4 Roller Pant is designed with ventilated polyester and nylon along with knee panels plus ventilated mesh. The waistline is constructed with an adjustable elastic system and the pant is fabricated with Scorpion Flex that provides ideal mobility in crucial flex zones.

 ・Ventilated Polyester and Nylon, Knee panel, Ventilated mesh
 ・Waist System: Adjustable Elastic
 ・Construction: Ventilated Polyester & Nylon
 ・Logos: Silkscreen
 ・Knee: Nylon knee panel
 ・Scorpion Flex: Offers 16-way stretch material for optimum mobility in key flex zones
 ・Inhaler pant technology features the perfect mix of lightweight and durable materials for more airflow



S Black/Red