Massive Blade マッシブブレード LS2 Black Replacement ラナー ブレード – セット


こちらの商品はMassive Blade マッシブブレードのLS2 Black Replacement ラナー ブレード – セットです。

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こちらの商品はMassive Blade マッシブブレードのLS2 Black Replacement ラナー ブレード – セットです。

Massive Blade LS2 Black Replacement Runner – Pair

Starting in 2013, Massive Blade began developing cutting edge blades to meet the needs of hockey players. Now in 2018, Massive has used 5 years of industry research to bring out the best technology for player steel.

Beginning with the manufacturing, Massive Blade utilizes Vacuum Heat Treatment for all their products to ensure the highest quality steel. This process helps reduce reactions and changes in the surface properties of the metal which provides a better and harder edge over time. Harder edges will ultimately help reduces the amount of nicks, dents, or rolled edges that might happen during game play.

Massive Blade’s Lightspeed 2 Black Ice Hockey Runner is Massive’s hardest and most dense steel when compared to the Gold and Classic versions. This steel is specifically designed to fit the LightSpeed 2 holder. The DLC2 (Diamond like Carbon) is bonded to the stainless-steel core which results in a blade that is more resistant to corrosion. Reducing the corrosion will keep the edges from dulling and rolling over for less sharpenings and longer blade life. This 20-millimeter tall steel will come stock with an 11-foot radius which will allow you to get lower into turns without bottoming out.

If you are looking for dense steel that will give you a hard, long-lasting edge; then check out the Massive Blade LightSpeed 2 Black Replacement Runner.



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