Grit グリット Airbox 36インチ ホッケー防具バッグ


こちらの商品はGrit グリットのAirbox 36インチ ホッケー防具バッグです。

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こちらの商品はGrit グリットのAirbox 36インチ ホッケー防具バッグです。

Grit Airbox 36in. Hockey Equipment Bag

The GRIT Airbox(TM) is a traditionally styled hockey bag that breathes! The design is so simple and the benefits so obvious, it’s a wonder it took us this long to create it. The unique crossover construction involves sewing polyester webbing over nylon mesh to create a bag that is very strong and vents in all directions. Inside the bag there are dividers and pockets that provide organization for gear and accessories. Included in the bag is a cooler sleeve for beverages.

 ・Polyester webbing with nylon mesh create a strong bag with ventilation
 ・Includes dividers and pockets for enhanced organization
 ・Includes cooler sleeve for beverages
 ・Dimensions: 36″ x 20″ x 16″