CCM シーシーエム Tacks 4092 シニア用 アイスホッケー スケート


こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのTacks 4092 シニア用 アイスホッケー スケートです。

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こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのTacks 4092 シニア用 アイスホッケー スケートです。

CCM Tacks 4092 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

The Tacks 4092 skate is an entry level skate perfect for the players looking for a skate with an anatomical fit right out of the box. Getting right into the boot construction, CCM used a durable synthetic power form composite that provides structural stiffness. CCM made this skate look great with the addition of a composite skin finish. This model is not heat-moldable but will still offer a close fit in the heel and ankle with a medium width throughout the boot. The 4092 features CCM’s flashy black and yellow brushed micro fiber liner. This micro fiber provides a good level of comfort and is meant to have a high resistance to wear and tear to help the life of the skate last. The tongue used is a 7mm traditional felt tongue equipped with reinforcement layers to increase comfort around the front of the ankle as well as providing excellent protection with an embossed lace-bite protector. Lastly, we see the SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder which provides an additional four millimeters of height (when compared to the older E-Pro holder) mounted to the 4092. This holder allows for a greater angle of attack and more aggressive turns. Complementing the SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder is CCM’s SpeedBlade Stainless Steel runner. This is a high grade steel that provides a long lasting edge for long term performance.

 ・Durable boot with elite structural stiffness and a composite skin finish
 ・Two-tone brushed micro-fiber provides comfort and a resistance to wear and tear
 ・7mm felt tongue with reinforcement layers for increased comfort and protection.
 ・Solid energy injected outsole transfer profile and air vent to keep feet dry and skates light
 ・Anatomical repsonse footbed provides support and comfort
 ・SpeedBlade 4.0 for proven durability with increased attack angle providing greater strides and cornering
 ・SpeedBlade Stainless provides a long lasting edge for long term performance

・Player Profile
  Designed for the players who are looking for that extra jump right out of the game with an anatomical fit
・Fit Profile
  Anatomical Fit – close to the foot
・Heat Moldable
・Quarter Package
  Synthetic Power Form Composite – durable boot with elite structural stiffness
・Heel Support
  Synthetic Power Form Composite
・Ankle Padding
  Comfort foam
・Tendon Guard
  Traditional Stiff Tendon guard – made more upright
・Lining Material
  Two-tone Brushed micro-fiber
  Felt tongue with embossed lace-bite protection
  Anatomical Response Footbed
  Injected outsole with Exhaust System
・Blade Holder
  SpeedBlade 4.0
  SpeedBlade Black
・Weight (gm)
  Pending Verification



8.0 EE, 9.0 EE, 10.5 D, 10.5 EE, 11.0 D, 11.5 D