CCM シーシーエム QuickLite 270 LE ジュニア用 ホッケー ショルダーパッド


こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのQuickLite 270 LE ジュニア用 ホッケー ショルダーパッドです。

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こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのQuickLite 270 LE ジュニア用 ホッケー ショルダーパッドです。

CCM QuickLite 270 LE Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads

Coming off the successful RBZ line, the QuickLite 270 is a mid tiered model in the latest shoulder pad line from CCM, bringing with it exciting new technology in the same low profile package it’s become famous for. These shoulder pads are all about mobility which is of course promoted by the incredibly lightweight foams used and construction design of the pad itself.

 ・Molded Dryfoam Technology
 ・Molded Low Profile Shoulder Caps
 ・EVA Molded Vented Front/Back
 ・Anatomical Molded PE Chest

・Player Profile
  Made for the player looking to maximize speed, the Quicklite protective line is lightweight and tough with a low profile anatomical fit
  Molded Dryfoam Technology – closed cell foam that absorbs less sweat to keep the player dry
・Chest / Sternum
  Anatomical molded PE with neck comfort pad
EVA molded base with VentShield technology on front, Additional 3MM of foam on chest
・Back / Spine
  EVA molded vented back
  Molded low profile PE cap
  Adjustable molded PE cap
  Additional molded PE reinforced clavicle coverage
  Antimicrobial DryFoam Technology
・Weight (gm)
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