CCM シーシーエム Jetspeed FT1 ユース用 ホッケー ショルダーパッド


こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのJetspeed FT1 ユース用 ホッケー ショルダーパッドです。

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こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのJetspeed FT1 ユース用 ホッケー ショルダーパッドです。

CCM Jetspeed FT1 Youth Hockey Shoulder Pads

The all new CCM Jetspeed protective line was developed to be extremely lightweight and offer excellent freedom of movement, without compromising protection. The CCM Jetspeed protective features an improved construction, fit and feel from years past. New design enhancements, improved strapping systems and ROCKETFRAME COMPOSITE have been added for increased mobility, adjustability and protection.

 ・Caps | Molded PE shoulder caps for lightweight feel and high level protection
 ・Biceps | Molded PE caps for improved breathability
 ・Sternum | Floating sternum for superior freedom of movement



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