CCM シーシーエム FL500 シニア用 ホッケーヘルメット


こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのFL500 シニア用 ホッケーヘルメットです。

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こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのFL500 シニア用 ホッケーヘルメットです。

CCM FL500 Senior Hockey Helmet

CCM’s engineering team is continually looking at new cutting edge technology to deliver innovative products offering elite level performance and protection. Their partnership with the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory at the University of Ottawa shows a continued commitment to safety, and allows their helmets to offer the top level of protection.

The FL500 is a helmet designed to provide elite level protection with a simple tool free adjustable shell. The fit clip allows for players to adjust the length to the shell quickly and precisely. The redesigned shell is made of a high density PE material to provide a lightweight yet durable outer shell.

The liner of the FL500 contains CCM’s D30 smart material along with is I.Q.Shion multi foam. The D30 material is designed like no other material to absorbs and disperse impact. This helps reduce the effect of minor and minor impacts and is placed in high impact areas to keep players safe. The I.Q.Shion memory foam provides a comfortable fit while adding to the protective qualities of the helmet.

*Only compatible with CCM FL500 Facemask.

・Fit Profile
  Oval Head Shape
  HDPE (High-density polyethylene)
  I.Q.Shion Memory Foam
  D3O Smart Material
・Size Adjustability
  Fit Clip side adjustment
・J-Clip Attachment
  Traditional Dual Screw
  Only Compaible with FM500 Facemask
・Weight (gm)
  約 730 grams
・Actual width (in)
  6 1/8
・Actual width (cm)



L Black, L White, Small/Medium Black, Small/Medium White