CCM シーシーエム Resistance 300 フェイスマスク ケージ


こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのResistance 300 フェイスマスク ケージです。

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こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのResistance 300 フェイスマスク ケージです。

CCM Resistance 300 Face Cage

 ・Wires: Thin flat wires, straight bar design to provide maximum visibility
 ・Chin Cup: Multi density with antimicrobial fabric covering designed for comfort with an antimicrobial treatment
 ・Top Clip: Unique shock absorbing design helps absorb impacts
 ・J Clip: Easy to use design, no need to remove the screws to adjust the sizing, simply loosen and slide the J-Clips into place
 ・Dome screws not included



S Black (Chrome), S Silver, S White, M Black (Chrome), M Silver, M White, L Black (Chrome), L Silver, L White, XS Black (Chrome), XS Silver, XS White