CCM シーシーエム QuickLite 270 ジュニア用 ホッケー エルボーパッド


こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのQuickLite 270 ジュニア用 ホッケー エルボーパッドです。

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こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムのQuickLite 270 ジュニア用 ホッケー エルボーパッドです。

CCM QuickLite 270 Junior Hockey Elbow Pads

The QuickLite lineup is all about optimal mobility and the QuickLite QLT 270 elbow pads definitely delivers with the usage of lightweight materials, protective foams, and the proven JDP construction. To provide excellent mobility, the 270’s were designed as a 3-piece construction made with DryFoam Technology which is a closed cell foam that absorbs less sweat to allow the elbow pads to remain lightweight and comfortable throughout the game. The elbow cap is the fan favorite JDP design that provides better shock absorption against both hard and soft impacts. Both the bicep guard and forearm guard are floating which provides a lot of flexibility. In the bicep guard molded EVA foam stands as protection for the upper arm, it also features integrated vents to promote airflow and cut weight. The forearm guard features a standard molded PE insert that provides a really good wrap and lightweight protection. The liner is made with a hydrophobic mesh nylon which is cushioned so your arm will be dryer and more comfortable. For the strapping system CCM uses a 3-piece design, the bicep strap is an elastic strap, the mid strap is lycra, and the forearm strap is a locking nylon strap that gives great security.

If you are looking for a competitive elbow pad that offers up a low profile fit, awesome mobility, and a high level protection, check out CCM’s QuickLite QLT 270 elbow pads.