CCM シーシーエム 1060 シニア用 ゴーリースティック ホッケースティック


こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムの1060 シニア用 ゴーリースティック ホッケースティックです。

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こちらの商品はCCM シーシーエムの1060 シニア用 ゴーリースティック ホッケースティックです。

CCM 1060 Sr. Goalie Stick

The legendary CCM name continues its dominance with the introduction of the new 1060 goal stick!

The CCM 1060 is designed to meet the needs of pros and amateurs alike as it combines a lightweight, well-balanced feel with exceptional durability.

The 1060 goal stick begins with a new thin paddle design. The lightweight urethane foam core provides exceptional feel and control and minimizes stick vibrations upon impact. The paddle is reinforced with both fiberglass and carbon fiber laminates, improving durability against any level of shots while remaining incredibly light with a true pro feel.

The blade is constructed of the same continuous urethane foam core as the paddle, however is reinforced with a full graphite blade for added stiffness upon impact, resulting in exceptional feel and puck control.

The urethane foam core is complimented by an aspen core shaft with fiberglass and carbon laminates. The aspen core allows the goalie to experience less vibration from impacts to the shaft while remaining lightweight well-balanced. The shaft is reinforced with both fiberglass and carbon laminates for increased durability.

For the goalie looking for a lightweight foam core stick with exceptional durability demanded by the pros, the CCM 1060 goal stick is an excellent choice.

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CCM 1060は、軽量でバランスのとれた感触と抜群の耐久性を兼ね備えているため、プロとアマチュアのニーズを満たすように設計されています。




熟練者から要求される優れた耐久性を備えた軽量フォームのコア・スティックを探しているゴールキーにとって、CCM 1060ゴール・スティックは優れた選択肢です。




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