Brian’s ブライアンズ Brians G-Netik Pro IV シニア用 ゴーリー ブロッカー


こちらの商品はBrian’s ブライアンズのBrians G-Netik Pro IV シニア用 ゴーリー ブロッカーです。

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こちらの商品はBrian’s ブライアンズのBrians G-Netik Pro IV シニア用 ゴーリー ブロッカーです。

Brians G-Netik Pro IV Senior Goalie Blocker

Brand new for the Fall of 2018, Brian’s Custom Sports is proud to deliver another model of gear to the goalie world, the Brians G-Netik IV Pro. While being custom handcrafted in Canada, Brian’s has taken feedback from their pro advisory team and retail consumers alike to provide high end levels of equipment designed for today’s butterfly goaltender.

Starting with the visual look, G-Netik IV’s have an attractive graphic with loads of color zones to help create long lines across the goaltenders hands to help visually distract the shooter.

The G-Netik IV has a large HD blocking board with a beveled nose which not only helps the goalies in their main stance, but it helps the blocker seal well to the ice in paddle down and RVH technique. Helping with this large square design is a completely redesigned sidewall with an overly square design. The thumb has a unique shape in which it has a separate segment which allows for full range of motion when gripping the stick, yet remains protective enough when sealing the body.

The palm of the G-Netik IV blocker is made from full Digitech, which helps grip the stick during play but also keeps the hand from sliding around inside the palm during play. This is coupled with a neutral hand position that is centered on the board to provide complete balance and comfort.

Another redesign on the G-Netik IV blocker comes across the back of the wrist with an all new redesigned wrist strap which creates more rigidity and stability during use. This new wrist strap closes with Velcro on the outside of the wrist which makes for easy and precise adjustments.

Hidden under the new wrist strap, Brian’s has included the use BOA technology to help control the proper tension and tightness. This BOA dial allows the for continued theme of precise adjustment and a perfect fit for any goalie’s preference.

If you are an elite-level goalie looking for the best combination of a natural hand placement coupled with precise tightness on the wrist, and all being made in the Canadian factory, the Brians G-Netik IV Pro Senior Goalie Blocker is for you.



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