Bauer バウアー Vapor 1XR シニア用 インラインホッケー スケート – ’17 Model


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのVapor 1XR シニア用 インラインホッケー スケート – ’17 Modelです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのVapor 1XR シニア用 インラインホッケー スケート – ’17 Modelです。

Bauer Vapor 1XR Senior Roller Hockey Skates – ’17 Model

The Vapor 1XR is the most designed, researched and tested skate in Bauer’s 90 year history. The Vapor legacy continues as the most popular within Bauer’s 3-fit platform. Its standard v-fit profile consists of a standard width through the toebox and forefoot with a low-volume, narrower fit in the heel and ankle. The 1X offers the lowest-volume fit overall when compared to its Supreme and Nexus counterparts. While the Vapor fit may not work for every foot type, those who do benefit from its fit characteristics often swear by its ‘second skin’ fit and feel.

Bauer is bringing major improvments to the new 1X model in many areas of the skate. The Flex-Lock Pro tounge will feature inserts to offer more protection but also help lock in the forward flex for increased speed. The new Lock-Fit liner will improve on the 37.5 liner by dcresing moisture and helping to keep the foot locked in place for mazimum agility and acceleration. The lacing system has also been upgraded with the Lock-Fit Pro facing. A softer composition and lace lock system help to keep you foot locked in place to achieve a more efficient stride. All these features will help skaters achive their top speed more efficiently.
 ・Flex-Lock Pro Tounge
 ・Lock-Fit Pro Liner
 ・Lock-Fit-Pro Facing
 ・Comfort Edge padding
 ・Curv Composite with X-rib pattern
 ・Speed Plate Insoles
 ・HI-LO Kryptonium Chassis (80/80/76/76)
 ・HI-LO Swiss Bearings
 ・Revision Flex Wheels (74A)



7.0 D, 7.5 D, 8.0 D, 8.0 EE, 8.5 D, 8.5 EE, 9.0 D, 9.0 EE, 9.5 D, 9.5 EE, 10.0 D, 10.0 EE, 10.5 D