Bauer バウアー Nexus 6000 Griptac ジュニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティック


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのNexus 6000 Griptac ジュニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティックです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのNexus 6000 Griptac ジュニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティックです。

Bauer Nexus 6000 Griptac Junior Hockey Stick

The NEXUS series of sticks is the family in the Bauer stick line-up with a Tru-mid flex profile. If you are a player that is looking for a well-balanced stick with a quick, effortless release with natural power, these should get your consideration.

The Nexus 6000 features a time tested, and proven, traditional fused construction. Bauer uses premium lightweight 12k woven carbon fiber, which is clearly visible along the shaft of the stick. The Nexus 6000 is well-balanced and lightweight, but slightly heavier than the 7000 on account of its slightly higher fiberglass content. The square shaft shape with double-concave walls is preferred among pros, and provides a secure grip no matter what shot you are taking. The Nexus 6000 is available in a matte or Griptac finish.

This stick features the Power Profile Dual Taper, which means a little more thickness in the hosel of the taper to boost torsional stiffness in order to allow you to maximize the load.

Bauer’s Pure Shot Blade Profile is a visible expanded throat design that also means less torqueing and twisting, thus improving accuracy and blade control. For the core of the Nexus 6000 blade, Bauer uses a single density and less brittle AERO FOAM 3. The blade is wrapped in Premium lightweight 3k Carbon Fiber, and features a matte finish.

The Nexus 6000 from Bauer is a Tru-mid flex stick with a quick, effortless release that gives you natural power transfer. Order yours today.

・Player Profile
  Ideal for the player looking for a balanced feel with a quick, effortless release with natural power
・Kick Point / Flex Profile
  Tru-Mid Flex
・Shaft Construction
  Premium lightweight 12k Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass with Fused construction – traditional tenon and hosel joint
・Shaft Geometry
  Nexus power shaft – Square corners and double concave walls
・Shaft Coating
  Griptac or Matte
・Shaft Taper
  Power Profile dual taper – thicker hosel dimension
・Blade Core
  Aero Foam 3.
  Pure Shot Blade Profile – expanded throat design
・Blade Wrap
  Premium lightweight 3k Carbon Fiber
・Blade Coating
  Matte finish
・Stick Used for Measurement
  P92 (Backstrom) 52 grip
・Weight (gm)
  約 376 grams
・Actual length (in)



Left 52 flex Stamkos PM9