Bauer バウアー Nexus 1N GripTac シニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティック – ’17 モデル


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのNexus 1N GripTac シニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティック – ’17 モデルです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのNexus 1N GripTac シニア用 コンポジット ホッケー スティック – ’17 モデルです。

Bauer Nexus 1N GripTac Senior Hockey Stick – ’17 Model

 ・Nexus mid-kick flex profile with Sweet Spot technology
 ・Control Shaft Geometry
 ・Easy Load Taper technology
 ・eLASTech technology
 ・Lightweight TeXtreme construction
 ・Monocomp technology
 ・POWER SENSE 2 blade core
 ・Pure Shot blade profile
 ・Matte blade with texture

・Player Profile
  An elite stick made to take control of any situation.
  With the improved Sweet Spot Technology and new control shaft geometry the 1N ’17 allows you to aim for greatness
・Kick Point / Flex Profile
  Nexus TRU Mid-kick flex profile with improved Sweet Spot Technology
・Shaft Construction
  eLASTech Resin System, TeXteme construction, and Monocomp technology (true 1-piece)
・Shaft Geometry
  Control Shaft – Double concave walls
・Shaft Coating
  Griptac or Matte non-grip
・Shaft Taper
  Easy Load Taper Technology
・Blade Core
  Power Sense Core 2, Pure Shot blade profile
・Blade Wrap
  Visible TeXtreme carbon fiber construction
・Blade Coating
  Matte finish
・Stick Used for Measurement
・Actual length (in)



Left 102 flex Giroux P28, Left 102 flex Kane P88, Left 102 flex Ovechkin P92, Left 102 flex Richards P106, Left 102 flex Staal P91A, Left 102 flex Stamkos PM9, Left 102 flex Toews P14, Left 77 flex Giroux P28, Left 77 flex Kane P88, Left 77 flex Ovechkin P92, Left 77 flex Richards P106, Left 77 flex Stamkos PM9, Left 87 flex Giroux P28, Left 87 flex Kane P88, Left 87 flex Ovechkin P92, Left 87 flex Richards P106, Left 87 flex Staal P91A, Left 87 flex Stamkos PM9, Left 87 flex Toews P14, Left 95 flex Giroux P28, Left 95 flex Kane P88, Left 95 flex Ovechkin P92, Left 95 flex Richards P106, Left 95 flex Staal P91A, Left 95 flex Stamkos PM9, Left 95 flex Toews P14, Right 102 flex Giroux P28, Right 102 flex Kane P88, Right 102 flex Ovechkin P92, Right 102 flex Richards P106, Right 102 flex Staal P91A, Right 102 flex Stamkos PM9, Right 102 flex Toews P14, Right 77 flex Kane P88, Right 77 flex Ovechkin P92, Right 77 flex Richards P106, Right 77 flex Staal P91A, Right 77 flex Toews P14, Right 87 flex Giroux P28, Right 87 flex Kane P88, Right 87 flex Ovechkin P92, Right 87 flex Richards P106, Right 87 flex Staal P91A, Right 87 flex Toews P14, Right 95 flex Kane P88, Right 95 flex Ovechkin P92, Right 95 flex Richards P106, Right 95 flex Staal P91A, Right 95 flex Toews P14