Bauer バウアー Vapor X900 ユース用 アイスホッケー スケート


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのVapor X900 ユース用 アイスホッケー スケートです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのVapor X900 ユース用 アイスホッケー スケートです。

Bauer Vapor X900 Youth Ice Hockey Skates

The Vapor legacy continues as the most popular family within Bauer’s 3-fit platform with this Vapor X900 Youth skate. Its standard v-fit profile consists of a standard width through the toebox and forefoot with a low-volume, narrower fit in the heel and ankle. While the Vapor fit may not work for every foot type, those who do benefit from its fit characteristics often swear by its ‘second skin’ fit and feel.

The OD1N concept skate provided the inspiration behind the updated X-Rib pattern. Lab tests, designed to measure performance, showed improvements in heel and ankle lock which resulted in quicker cross overs and tighter turns. Additionally, this X-rib pattern adds structural support to the skate, and can be found throughout the Vapor line.

The Lightweight Anaform ankle padding is contoured to the natural shape of your foot. Combine that with the heatmolding properties of the 3D upper of PP (Polypropylene) provide a 360 degree fit.

The Tuuk Lightspeed Pro Holder can be found mounted on the bottom of the Vapor X900 Youth boot, attached are the TUUK super stainless steel runners. The Form Fit tongue on the X900 Youth skate is a 2-piece, 30 oz, felt design, with an added abrasion resistant metatarsal guard, and provides excellent comfort and protection. The Hydra Max liner is lightweight, comfortable, and dries quickly, keeping your skates fresh, and helping to prolong the life of the boot.

There is great value to be found in this Bauer Vapor X900 Youth skate. Check yours out today!

・Player Profile
  Designed for dynamic speed, offers quickness and flexibility for the fastest players
・Fit Profile
  Anatomical – snug
・Heat Moldable
・Quarter Package
  3D upper of PP (Polypropylene) material
・Heel Support
  Anatomically designed heel counter
・Ankle Padding
  Lightweight form fit foam
・Tendon Guard
・Lining Material
  FORM-FIT Anatomical, 30 oz.
  2-piece felt with high-density metatarsal guard
  Shaped EVA
・Blade Holder
  TUUK Lightspeed Pro
  TUUK super stainless steel
・Weight (gm)
  約 392 grams



10.0Y EE, 10.5Y D, 10.5Y EE, 8.0Y D, 9.0Y D