Bauer バウアー Vapor X400 シニア用 アイスホッケー スケート – ’17 Model


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのVapor X400 シニア用 アイスホッケー スケート – ’17 Modelです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのVapor X400 シニア用 アイスホッケー スケート – ’17 Modelです。

Bauer Vapor X400 Senior Ice Hockey Skates – ’17 Model

Make your last stride as quick as your first and leave your opponent in the dust with the new Bauer Vapor X400 Senior Ice Hockey Skate. New for 2017, the Bauer Vapor X400 skate builds upon the concepts that made the 2015 Vapor line one of the top models of skates on the market, with new improvements for unmatched speed and quickness.

The Bauer Vapor X400 Senior Ice Hockey is a recreational skate designed to offer a flexible boot with the right amount of stiffness and support needed when skating. The boot will be constructed using Trueform PU to give it stiffness not generally seen in a recreational skate. The X-rib pattern will offer the heel locking stiffness seen in the Vapor line.

Internally the anaform ankle padding will be heat moldable for a quicker break in time. The pads will form to the skater’s foot to provide a more comfortable fit. The microfiber liner will reduce the amount of moisture in the skate during gameplay.

Between the boot and the holder will be the TPU injected outsole. This rigid outsole will provide a better energy transfer from the boot. Attached will be the Tuuk Lightspeed Pro holder and Tuuk super stainless steel. The holder and runner are one piece which means the runner cannot be replaced if damaged or broken.

If you are looking for a supportive recreational skate then give the Bauer Vapor X400 a try.



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