Bauer バウアー Supreme 1S LE シニア用 アイスホッケー スケート


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのSupreme 1S LE シニア用 アイスホッケー スケートです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのSupreme 1S LE シニア用 アイスホッケー スケートです。

Bauer Supreme 1S LE Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Engineered to provide explosive power the Supreme 1S LE features all of Bauer’s industry leading innovations, and packs them into this, top of the line, high performance skate. Give the 1S a blacked out tonal look with gray holder in this limited edition version and you have an incredibly sleek looking skate made to out-class any skate on the ice with explosive energy transfer in each and every stride.

Starting with the most important aspect of a skate, the 1S features a generous anatomical fit the Supreme name has become famous for. You’ll find a slightly wider forefoot with zero negative space throughout the heel and ankle which will result in an incredibly comfortable skate and unmatched energy transfer. Inside of the boot, the lightweight Anaform ankle padding is contoured to the natural shape of your foot. To further the level of comfort, the 1S features the all black 3-D lasted Titanium Curv(R) composite quarter package which has amazing heat molding properties which provide a great 360 degree fit.

You may have heard of C-Flex technology before, found in the MX3 skate, which refers to the 3-Flex Curv(R) Composite tongue inserts which come in three degrees of stiffness, and have a modified slit design to allow for greater forward lean. These inserts work with the 2-piece all blacked out felt tongue to act as both a metatarsal guard to fight off lace bite but also as a means to transfer even more explosive energy into each stride. Not only does the 1S feature this customizable tongue but it also showcases an entirely new and reengineered C-Flex technology in the tendon guard. Just like the tongue, the tendon guard will also have custom inserts which vary in degrees of stiffness to allow you to choose how much flex can be exerted on the tendon guard. Simply removing the insert will allow the tendon guard to have a full range of flex. With C-Flex technology in both the tongue and the tendon guard makes the 1S incredibly customizable to the player’s skating style for efficient and maximum energy transfer.

The Injected Stability Lacing System allows for better wrap around the top of the foot and also features T-shaped eyelets to keep your lace pattern in place throughout the game. The Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder also makes its return in the Supreme line this time in a LE greyed out tone, allowing players to switch their lightweight Fusion EDGE runners on the fly. Additionally, the Bauer SpeedPlate makes its first appearance into the Supreme line; the SpeedPlate is a thermoformable foot bed that shapes itself to your foot when heated properly. This helps to give your foot the most contact with the surface of the skate to really transfer every bit of energy in every stride.

Bauer upgraded the liner to their 37.5 polyester liner with integrated wear pads, this liner is lightweight, soft to the touch, and dries out 5 times faster than similar fabrics, keeping your skates fresh, and helping to prolong the life of the boot. Not to mention this is another blacked out addition to the LE. Add Bauer’s Comfort Edge feature which alleviates abrasion when digging in to tight turns, and you have a boot that’s as comfortable as it is powerful.

If you’re a power skater looking for the total package in a skate, ignite your game and play explosive with the Supreme 1S LE skate from Bauer.



10.5 EE, 11.5 EE, 12.0 EE