Bauer バウアー Nexus N7000 シニア用 ホッケー ショルダーパッド


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのNexus N7000 シニア用 ホッケー ショルダーパッドです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのNexus N7000 シニア用 ホッケー ショルダーパッドです。

Bauer Nexus N7000 Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads

The Bauer Nexus protective lineup has been built off a classic fit platform to provide a volume fit for ultimate coverage with controlled movement. The Nexus N7000 shoulder pads are the base model in this protective line, but still feature quality foams and plastics to provide competitive protection at a fraction of the cost. The chest construction is made as a segmented design to enhance flex and overall mobility. The N7000’s main protection comes from the injected shoulder caps that have been reinforced with mid density foams. To block off shots or impacts to the chest, high density foam and a PE insert compose the sternum guard for pro level protection. Additional protection throughout the entire pad comes in the form of more MD foams that can be found safe guarding the front side panels, spine guard, kidney panels, and the arch support covering the collar bones. The bicep guards feature a 1-piece construction made from a molded thermoformed component to maintain coverage in the upper arm. Lastly, the N7000 is lined with a hydrophobic mesh liner. This lining material is moisture wicking keeping these pads dry to keep the player feeling cool and lightweight. If you are a player looking for a shoulder pad made for ultimate coverage and protection, check out the Nexus N7000 shoulder pad from Bauer.

・Player Profile
  Built off a classic fit platform, the Nexus protective line provides a volume fit for ultimate coverage with controlled movement.
  Classic Fit Constrution/Segmented design
  HD foam sternum guard with PE insert
  MD foam
  Injected cap with MD insert
  1-piece molded thermoformed bicep guard
  MD foam + PE insert spinal guard w/ MD foam kidney guards
  Hydrophobic Mesh
・Weight (gm)
  約 792 grams