Bauer バウアー Tuuk Lightspeed Fusion シニア用 ラナー ブレード – セット


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのTuuk Lightspeed Fusion シニア用 ラナー ブレード – セットです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのTuuk Lightspeed Fusion シニア用 ラナー ブレード – セットです。

Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Fusion Senior Runner – Pair

Just when you thought skates couldn’t get lighter, Bauer does it again. After three years of on-ice and heavy lab testing to ensure the highest quality standards, BAUER is proud to debut the NEW TUUK LS FUSION runner. Same fit, same feel, same industry-leading geometry as TUUK LS2 but 27% lighter. BAUER always stays a couple strides ahead of the competition.
 ・Comes in packages of 2 (1 pair)
 ・Consistent blade heights (16.5 mm)
 ・9 ft radius
 ・27% lighter than standard stainless steel
 ・Engineered with the highest grade of stainless steel and lightweight aluminum then fused together by epoxy and rivets
 ・Fits seamlessly into the white TUUK Lightspeed 2 holder
 ・Same sharpen life as a standard runner
 ・Quick Release – improved hardware holds blade in place easily detaches with the turn of a screw
 ・Highly Responsive – Helps increase speed and responsiveness due to 27% reduction in weight
 ・Priced per pair



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