Bauer バウアー Vapor X800 ジュニア用 ホッケー グローブ


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのVapor X800 ジュニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのVapor X800 ジュニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

Bauer Vapor X800 Junior Hockey Gloves

The Bauer Vapor X800 gloves are a set of gloves made for the competitive players found in the latest Vapor series. The vastly popular vapor line will offer a tapered fit which is wider in the cuff with a more standard fit through the fingers. The dynamic flex cuff provides excellent wrist mobility while the standard fit through the fingers helps improve overall control. As far as protective properties, the X800 uses dual density foam throughout the entire glove to provide protection in the cuff, backhand and fingers. To really ensure full protection the X800 is also outfitted with light-weight PE inserts on top of the foam. These gloves will come in a Black Nash palm with a digital Nash overlay. This is a very soft material that gives a great feel for the shaft of the stick. The additional digital overlay is added to make the X800 more durable in the high wear area of the palm. For the lining material, Bauer used their ThermoMax lining which is moisture wicking and provides a soft feel for added comfort. Because this glove is about mobility, a patented 2-piece flex lock thumb was used to give you the ability to maneuver and grip the stick without limitations. Even at a lower price-point Bauer keeps the aesthetics on point with an embroidered Bauer logo giving the X800 a very clean look.

 ・Double density foam with PE inserts
 ・Patented 2-piece flex lock thumb
 ・Synthetic leather and cable mesh shell
 ・Tapered fit
 ・2-piece segmented double density fingers
 ・Black nash palm with digital nash overlay
 ・Dynamic flex cuff
 ・THERMO MAX liner

・Player Profile
  Made for the crafty stick handler with quick hands who likes the tapered fit to increase mobility 
・Fit Profile
  Tapered fit – wider fit in the cuff and standard fit through the fingers 
  Dynamic flex cuff
・Cuff Roll
  Contoured Cuff Roll with triple density foam.
  Fully embroidered logo
・Back Roll
  Double density foam with PE inserts
  All fingers double segmented, double density foam
  Black nash with digital nash overlay
  Patented 2-piece flex lock thumb
・Exterior Shell
  Synthetic leather + cable mesh
・Weight (gm)



10インチ Black, 10インチ Black/Red, 10インチ Black/White, 10インチ Navy, 11インチ Black, 11インチ Black/Gold, 11インチ Black/Orange, 11インチ Black/Red, 11インチ Black/White, 11インチ Blue, 11インチ Blue/Orange, 11インチ Bue/Red/White, 11インチ Green, 11インチ Maroon, 11インチ Navy, 11インチ Navy/Gold, 11インチ Navy/Red/White, 11インチ Red, 11インチ White/Red, 12インチ Black, 12インチ Black/Gold, 12インチ Black/Orange, 12インチ Black/Red, 12インチ Black/White, 12インチ Blue, 12インチ Bue/Red/White, 12インチ Green, 12インチ Maroon, 12インチ Navy, 12インチ Navy/Gold, 12インチ Navy/Red/White, 12インチ White/Black, 12インチ White/Red