Bauer バウアー Supreme S190 ジュニア用 ホッケー グローブ


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのSupreme S190 ジュニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのSupreme S190 ジュニア用 ホッケー グローブです。

Bauer Supreme S190 Junior Hockey Gloves

The Bauer Supreme S190 Hockey Glove is designed with dual density foam insets and a patented 2-piece flex thumb with Pro nylon and cable mesh. This glove has an anatomical fit, 2-piece constructions, AX SUEDE QUATTRO Palm with Sanitized, Free flex cuff, and 37.5(R) tech with Sanitized(R) and THERMO MAX liner.

 ・Foams – Dual density Inserts – PE
 ・Inserts – PE
 ・Thumb – Patented 2-piece flex lock thumb
 ・Shell – Pro nylon and cable mesh

 ・Overall Fit – Anatomical
 ・Fingers – 3-piece construction
 ・Palm ‘“AX SUEDE(TM) QUATTRO Pro palm with Sanitized(R) odor resistant treatmentt
 ・Cuff – Free flex cuff
 ・Liner – 37.5(R) Technology with Sanitized(R) odor resistant treatment and THERMO MAX



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