Bauer バウアー Vapor 2X インターメディエイト用 ゴーリー レッグパッド レガース


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのVapor 2X インターメディエイト用 ゴーリー レッグパッド レガースです。



こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのVapor 2X インターメディエイト用 ゴーリー レッグパッド レガースです。

Vapor 2X Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads

New for 2019, Bauer goalie has continued on one of the most engineered and technologically advanced leg pads in all of goaltending and released the Bauer Vapor 2X Intermediate Goalie Leg Pad. The 2X Senior has specific features and revisions from the previous generation and continues to be one of the lightest on the market. Starting off with the face of the Bauer Vapor 2X, the graphic is made up of three main large zones with one at the upper outside, one at the inner bottom, and one large zone in the middle that stretches diagonally through the length of the pad and breaks up the two outer zones, along with two sets of ‘spears’ near the top and bottom of the pad for added design. Visually, you will notice the digitally printed design on the top and bottom zones of the pad that are implemented for added design. Moving on to the build of the Vapor 2X Intermediate, Bauer has used a synthetic leather front face with C.O.R Tech calf and knee plates to provide better rebounds that give the goaltender time to recover. On the internals of the pad, a dynamic flex core with flex points above and below the knee with Curv Composite in the thigh rise have been utilized to create a flexible pad for an effective butterfly style. The thigh rise gets thinner as it approaches the top of the pad, coming to a pointed end to help make the build lighter in the thigh portion. Down at the boot, a 100 degree free flex boot is used to give the goaltender a better angle in the pad for a deep stance that fits more naturally on the leg, making crease movements and key save selections easier to maneuver. Looking at the side profile of the Bauer Vapor 2X Intermediate, you will see the thin design that was implemented to increase the lightness overall of the pad. On outer gusset, a curved outer roll up raises from the face to act as a traditional outer roll. Flipping around to the inside edge, the sliding surface is designed with a thin profile that contains strategic cuts to create a low friction surface for the quickest slides. Next on the back of the 2X Intermediate, AX Suede Quattro that has been used in Bauer’s player gloves is provided on the knee stack to prevent growth of bacteria to provide cleaner gear for longer. Featured on the knee landing itself, a 45 degree cut at the top edge provides mobility during crease movements by helping prevent the knee stacks from hitting each other. On the inside of the knee landing area, the binding has been removed from the pad, further creating a smooth sliding surface. Finally, the knee strap can be either pulled over to a provided knee wing that now has adjustable options to tighten or loosen up the knee wing, or the knee strap can be angled down to the calf. Further down, the leg channel is also lined with AX Suede Quattro. Both the inner and outer calf wraps have been redesigned with specific cuts to provide the goaltender with a more durability and mobility in the pad. Bauer has continued with the Tune Fit Strapping system that allows for full Velcro strapping and adjustments above and below the calf muscle for a secure and comfortable fit along with an elastic strap over top holding the sliding edge comfortably to the leg. Lastly, Bauer has a new stock toe tie option with the Monster H.A.L strap that is comprised of elastic and Velcro that secures on top of the goaltender’s skate. An elastic toe tie allows the goaltender to wear the tie tight to their skate but have the flexibility and response they need for deep and strong pushes. The toe bridge comes in an offset position but can be adjusted toward the center if the goalie prefers. If you are an intermediate-level goaltender who is looking for the top engineering in a goalie pad that is made to be lightweight with optimal flex points, the Bauer Vapor 2X Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads are the pads you are looking for. (Each set includes CRS boot straps and short and long replacement calf straps)

=== SPEC ===
Face Type : Flat Face
Model Family : Vapor
Brand : Bauer



S White, S White/Blue, S White/Navy, M White/Navy, M White/Red, L White/Blue