Bauer バウアー Supreme S170 ジュニア用 ゴーリー チェストパッド


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのSupreme S170 ジュニア用 ゴーリー チェストパッドです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのSupreme S170 ジュニア用 ゴーリー チェストパッドです。

Bauer Supreme S170 Junior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector

With one of the most anticipated new lines in goaltending in the recent years, Bauer has brought you one of the most engineered, designed, and technologically advanced line of gear. The Supreme S170 is packed with new features which strive to change the face of goaltending.

The S170 chest combines all of the best features from their predecessors, One95 and NXG. With the One95 being the most used chest protector by Bauer goalies and goalies around the world, Bauer brought back the popular feel into the NXG. The NXG base has now been modified with even more technology from the OD1N project and is wrapped up into this unit.

The weight of the S170 is dramatically lighter than its previous units, but it does not compromise on protection. Standard foam is added into the shoulder floaters and arms to create even more stability and protection. Coupled with double shoulder caps, the entire body is squared off giving the goalie the maximum blocking surface allowed. The stomach blocks are shaped a little different from the 1S chest in giving the goalie a more squared off feel.

The elbow caps are close in shape to the original One95, but have added protection with HD Foam materials. This gives a tighter shape to the goalies arm without having bulkier plastic caps. The entire body is lined with a standard liner which is designed to keep the amount of sweat down.

Overall the S170 is built for Average-level goalies looking for a chest protector with a decent amount of newer technology without breaking the bank!

━ カタログ(英語 原文)を機械翻訳 ━
近年、最も期待されている新ラインの一つであるBauerは、お客様に最も工学的、設計的、技術的に高度なギアラインをもたらしました。 Supreme S170には、ゴールキーピングの顔を変えるように努力する新しい機能が満載されています。

S170のチェストは、前身のOne95とNXGの最高の機能をすべて兼ね備えています。バウアーは、バウアーのゴールキーパーと世界中のゴールキーパーが最も使用している胸のプロテクターOne95を使用して、NXGに人気のあるフィーリングをもたらしました。 NXGベースは現在、OD1Nプロジェクトのさらに多くの技術で修正され、このユニットにまとめられています。