Bauer バウアー Reactor 9000 インターメディエイト用 ゴーリー ブロッカー


こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのReactor 9000 インターメディエイト用 ゴーリー ブロッカーです。

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こちらの商品はBauer バウアーのReactor 9000 インターメディエイト用 ゴーリー ブロッカーです。

Bauer Reactor 9000 Int. Goalie Blocker

The brand-new Bauer Reactor 9000 Pro blocker is a continuation of the popular Reactor 6000 design, focusing on speed mobility, and performance for quicker, more aggressive goaltending. This ‘Battlefly’ style of goaltending and gear allows goalies to read and react plays with athleticism and instinct for superior performance in the crease.

The blocker starts with a triple density tapered foam board, complete with polyethylene (PE) plastic, high, and low density foams. The true centered hand positioning provides an incredibly well-balanced blocker with excellent wrist mobility created through a Free Flex cuff. The goalie can be assured their hand is completely protected through the inclusion of a maximum coverage sidewall featuring high density foams and an added air pillow.

Taking note from the palms of their player’s gloves, Bauer has included their brand-new Ax Suede Quattro+ pro palm liner. This brand new material is a triple fiber blend and provides an exceptionally soft feel with superior abrasion properties. Additional enhanced moisture management keeps the goalie’s hands dry and resists water uptake.

For the advanced level goalie looking for an exceptionally well-balanced blocker with complete customization and mobility, look no further than the Bauer Reactor 9000 Pro.

・Player Profile
  Designed for the goalie looking for a lightweight blocker with good balance and an easily manuverable sidewall.
・Front Face (Material)
  Pro Synthetic Leather
  Stitched Synthetic Leather
  High Abrasion Nylon
・Palm Material
  Axy-Suede Quattro+
・Bindingless Front Face?
・Bindingless Sidewall?
・Blocker Insert
  HD Foam with PE Plastic insert and soft foam face
・First Finger Protector Construction
  3/8″ HD foam
・Finger Protection
  3/8″ HD foam
・Sidewall Construction
  1/2″ Ultra High Density Foam
・Cuff Construction
  Perforated breathable HD Foam with mesh shell
・Cuff Style
・Dimensions: Length x Width (Inches)
  14.5″ x 7.5″
・Weight in grams (INT)
・Weight in ounces (INT)
  90 days

━ カタログ(英語 原文)を機械翻訳 ━
真新しいBauer Reactor 9000 Proブロッカーは、スピードモビリティに焦点を当てた人気のReactor 6000デザインの続きであり、より早く、より積極的なゴールキーピングを実現します。ゴールキーピングとギアのこの「バトルフル」スタイルは、ゴールキーパーがクライスの優れたパフォーマンスを演奏と本能とで読み取って反応させることを可能にします。



完全なカスタマイズとモビリティを備えた非常にバランスの取れたブロッカーを探している高度なレベルのゴールキーパーには、Bauer Reactor 9000 Proだけを見てみましょう。





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