Easton イーストン Mako M8 ジュニア用 アイス ホッケー スケート




こちらの商品はEaston イーストンのMako M8 ジュニア用 アイス ホッケー スケートです。

Easton Mako M8 Jr. Ice Hockey Skates

Easton made waves with the release of their original Mako skate. With the help of Olympic speed skater Dave Cruikshank, Easton brought us a boot with a unique fit and feel unlike anything we had seen before. But, until now, the benefits of Easton’s Mako were only available at the top-of-the-line, $800 price point. So, this time around Easton set out to offer a skate with all the fit and performance benefits of the Mako at a friendlier price point. In the words of Cruikshank, “It might be too good of a skate!”

Built off the concept that natural movement equates to speed on the ice, the M8 from Easton holds true to Cruikshank’s original vision by retaining all key features such as a an Asymmetrical boot design, active Extendon(TM) Guard, and an aggressive blade pitch, all at an incredible value. Easton achieved this by replacing the Reinforced Carbon Composite bootform (found on the top-of-the-line Mako II) with a high-performing, cost-effective Glass Composite. This Glass Composite bootform provides all the support of the higher end Carbon fiber version while only taking on a few extra grams of weight. That Glass Composite Bootform pairs perfectly with the boot’s relatively soft upper, consisting of Injected Polyurethane; the result is a fit and feel unlike any other boot on the market and a skate that doesn’t inhibit a player’s natural stride. The asymmetrical design of the M8 features an inner quarter panel that rises 5mm higher than the outer, providing added support in both tight turns and cornering. Easton’s patent pending Extendon(TM) tendon guard puts the final touch on the M8, ensuring freedom of movement and an unrestricted natural stride.

Easton also focused on offering a boot with unmatched comfort. By beefing up the padding along the high ankle area on the M8, Easton was able to alleviate the irritation experienced by some with the original Mako boot. A new, woven, Moisture Wicking liner with microfiber feels smooth to the touch and helps keep both your skates and feet dry. A new, upgraded tongue, comprised of felt and HD foam, features additional injected metatarsal protection. This metatarsal injection helps protect against both lace bite as well as oncoming pucks. Lastly, Easton’s Ortholite footbed with Moisture Wicking Topcloth is added for a true 360° fit.

You’ll find the same CXN holder found on the Mako II on the high value M8. With an aggressive blade pitch that allows the player to get over the front of the skate and drive more force into the ice, the CXN keeps you on your toes and on the attack. Easton’s ES4 runners come standard with a nine foot radius and consist of the highest quality, stainless steel for long life and great edge retention.

In a market where stiffer seems to always equate to better, Easton is pioneering a new path. If you’re looking for a skate that won’t inhibit your natural skating stride at a tremendous value, check out the Easton M8 today!
 ・Patent pending glass composite bootform with patent pending Extendon guard and deep contour design create a unique system for natural movement.
 ・Liner: Moisture wicking
 ・Tongue: Lightweight with injected metatarsal protection
 ・Footbed: Ortholite
 ・Blade: CXN

・Player Profile
  In a game where fractions of a second matter, the Mako skate is designed to optimize natural movement in a way that translates to increased speed.
・Fit Profile
・Heat Moldable
  Full upper
・Quarter Package
  Injected PU (Polyurethane)
・Heel Support
  Glass Composite Heel Counter
・Ankle Padding
  Anatomical Thermoformable Foam
・Tendon Guard
・Lining Material
  Woven Hydrophobic W/ Microfiber
  Felt / HD Foam w/ injected metatarsal protection
  ORTHOLITE W/ Moiture Wicking Topcloth
  n/a (one-piece Glass composite bootform)
・Blade Holder
  ES4 Stainless Steel - 9ft radius
・Weight (gm)
  約 654 grams

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